The Parkwood Open Competition is similar in format, presentation and entry requirements as the Parkwood Cup.  The main difference is that it is a single event, not over 3 rounds, and also, that entries must not have been used in a previous competition.

This is a digitally presented competition, where an external judge comments on, and scores each image (marks out of 20).

There is no set subject theme for the competition.

Members are asked to submit 2 entries, via email to the Internal Competition Secretary.

Please do not send the full sized images*, but resize them to a maximum width of 1400 px and a maximum height of 1050 px.

Note, for portrait images, the maximum height is still 1050 px, so unless you have cropped them, the width will be less (unless your image is exactly square, in which case, the width would also be 1050 px).

Although we ask for 2 images, in case we need to reduce the total number of images which can be judged, you should indicate your preference order, so the image file names should be in the format:-

TITLE(n) by A N Other.jpg (where (n) is either 1 or 2

Please use UPPERCASE for the titles, your name with UPPERCASE first letters, the rest lowercase.  Also make sure the 'by' is lowercase, with single spaces either side.  It is important that you stick to the file name format.


GOLDEN SUNSET(1) by John Smith.jpg
RIVER VIEW(2) by John Smith.jpg

Should we need to permit only 1 image per member, the number (2) would be dropped.


* Although you should submit resized images, please keep full sized versions if you want to print them, or if you are asked for full sized images for external print competitions